At Meliora, we provide professional translations of all texts and content in various fields. Translations are done by qualified, educated translators with strong knowledge in the subject field of the text, or your required field of expertise. As we are well aware that poor translation affects corporate image and business in general, we are dedicated to provide you with a professional translation as well as optimisation and consultation. Our translation service also includes review and proof-reading by native speakers. All translations are done using a CAT tool which provides for consistency, quality and accuracy of the translation.

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Document Translations

Whether you need a translation of a general text or a business document, you can rely on Meliora to provide you with a professional translation that meets all your wishes and demands.

Technical Translations

At Meliora, you have many specialist technical translators at your disposal, providing professional translations of various kinds of technical translations, from user manuals and handbooks to other technical documentation.

Legal Translations

Do you need a translation of a legal document? You can entrust us with all your legal documents, from contracts, agreements and letters to other legal documents.

Website Translations

At Meliora, we can provide you with a translation of your website content, review, proofreading and localisation of the content, aimed at making the website effective and native-like in the target language as well as adapted to your target market and customers.

Some of the fields of translation we work with on a regular basis include economy, law, IT, technical, automotive industry, civil engineering, marketing, education, finance, banking, insurance, technology, websites, general texts.

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We offer proof-reading of all documents in Slovenian and foreign languages, always carried out by professional proof-readers, native in the target language.


At Meliora, we take care of the review and proof-reading of all our translations, and you can also entrust us with your already translated documents.